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Essentials for New Baby

A list of essential baby items for Baby's first year:

1.  Baby Receiving Blankets

LOTS of baby receiving blankets!  Baby receiving blankets are so practical and versatile.  They have many uses and are easy and convenient to carry along anywhere you go.  We have used receiving blankets  for everything from burp cloths, light covering for baby, diaper pad covers, sopping up messes, sun shades for strollers and portable pack and plays, even impromtu cloth diapers. 

2.  Onesies and Sleepers

The first several months onesies and sleepers are the perfect baby clothes.  Very comfortable for baby, relatively inexpensive and convenient for frequent diaper changing.  Onesies and sleepers also now come in so many cute deigns that they are not only practical but cute and stylish.

3.  Fitted Crib Sheets

You will find that you will be replacing crib sheets often and thus having several fitted crib sheets is a must.  Ensure crib sheets are tight  fitting to avoid bunching or sheet coming loose.  One tip for making late night sheet changes easier is by putting more than one fitted crib sheet on the baby mattress, with quilted pad or receiving blanket as an underpad between each sheet.  In this way if the crib sheet becomes soiled or wet, you can simply remove the top sheet and underpad and voila, you have a clean sheet ready to go.  

4.  Baby Monitor

For piece of mind a baby monitor is an essential for many parents.  However, you do not have to purchase expensive video monitor system; a more simple and less expensive audio monitor allows parents to hear baby which is very reassuring to parents.

5.  Diaper Bag or other Suitable Tote Bag

A suitable tote bag or carrying bag is essential for carrying baby items when away from home.  Make sure your bag is well supplied with diapers, wipes, receiving blankets, extra sleeper or onesie (depending on the weather) for an emergency change, diaper cream and portable change pad.


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