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Baby Keepsake Box

Making a baby keepsake box is simple and will be appreciated as the years go by.  A keepsake box can be as simple as a shoe box or something fancier like a small wooden chest.

Looking back through the keepsake box is sure to bring back so many fond memories.  When kids are grown and starting families of their own consider gifting their baby keepsake boxes to them, they will be treasured for generations to come!

Some things to consider placing in keepsake box:

  1. Ultrasound Picture
  2. Birth Announcement
  3. Newborn Picture
  4. Hospital Baby ID Bracelet
  5. Hospital Information Card (usually taped on Bassinet)
  6. Baby Footprint Card
  7. Favourite Baby Outfit or 'Going Home' Outfit
  8. Minted Coin set of Birth Year
  9. Newspaper Headline of Birth date
  10. Information cards (Height/Weight) from Dr. visits
  11. Journal of First Years
  12. Favourite Small Toy


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