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Benefits Of Buying Gently Used Baby Clothes

As any parent knows babies and kids grow out of their clothes so quickly.  Many times you will purchase an amazing outfit or receive a cute outfit as a gift for your baby and your baby will only get to wear it a couple of times, if at all, before they outgrow it.

Having a baby can be expensive.  What parent doesn't want to dress their kids in fashionable cute clothing?  As we can all attest, brand name clothing is not cheap.  You can, however, find great brand name clothing in resale shops for a fraction of the cost new.  In many cases the clothing has hardly been worn and still has a lot of life in it.  You can literally save hundreds of dollars a year just by buying second hand gently used clothing for your baby/kids.

In addition to saving money, buying used clothing is also environmentally responsible as it cuts down on manufacturing demands and landfill.

Another added benefit of buying used clothing is that in doing so, you are often supporting small business, local business and in some cases charities which are supported by some thrift stores.

Buying gently used baby clothes and kids clothes makes sense on many levels!

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