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Helpful Tip for Easier Late Night Changes

Helpful Tips for New Parents

We have all been there - getting up in the middle of the night to find your baby has had a diaper blow out or has soaked through diaper, clothes and sheets!

Getting up in the middle of the night for feedings can be hard enough when you are sleep deprived. Getting up to find not only baby needing to be changed but the bedding needing to be changed too can seem overwhelming in the middle of the night.

One simple trick to make late night bedding changes easier is to layer two fitted sheets on the crib mattress with a quilted change pad or folded receiving blankets between the layers. This way when you have to change the bedding in the middle of the night, you need only remove the top sheet and under pad and you have a fresh sheet underneath ready to go.

This simple trick can be a real sanity and time saver!

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