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Non-Essential Baby Items

There are a few baby items that many parents regret buying and these include:

1.  Baby Change Table

With the first baby, many new parents will buy baby change table for the nursery to match the other baby furniture.  Sure, the baby change table looks great ~ but in reality the change table is seldom used.  Baby diaper and clothes changes are done just about everywhere other than the baby change table!  For this reason, portable washable change pads are much more practical.  Consider replacing the baby change table with the more practical change pads and use the space that would be taken up by a change table with a small dresser to neatly store clothes and other baby supplies.

2.  Expensive New Brand Name Baby Clothes

New brand name baby clothes are expensive.  All parents want to dress our babies in cute fashionable clothes so parents often purchase lots of new baby clothes - this is especially true for first time parents.  Unfortunately, babies grow so fast that many of the clothes never get worn or only get worn a few times before baby outgrows them.  Consider purchasing gently used baby clothes ~ you can get gently used brand name baby clothes in great condition at a fraction of the cost new and can easily save hundreds of dollars.

3.  Crib Bedding Sets

Although matching bedding sets are very cute, they can also be very expensive and can be hazardous.   In fact bedding sets including bumper pads are not recommended as they can be a suffocation hazard for baby.  Its very easy for a baby to get tangled in bumper pad or trapped between bumper pad and crib rails. 

4. Cradle or Bassinet

Cradles and Bassinets are adorable but have limited use as babies grow so fast.  Rather than investing in a cradle or bassinet, a pack and play or foldable portable crib is much more practical as they can be used as a portable baby crib or safe play area.  There are so many brands and options to choose from and they quickly and easily fold up in a storage/carrying bag for transport anywhere.

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